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With support from the custom office division that functions within the company of SOFACE S.A. We deal with the different custom issues within the country.

  • Import and export operations.

  • Operations of temporary admission: Export draw back and return policy.

  • Operations in transit: Cross-border, transports, loading and unloading.

  • Diplomat and foreign franchising.

  • Combined operations utilizing different mediums of transportation. (multi-modal operations). 

  • Control and administration of the basic documentation for receiving and sending payments of merchandise. 

  • Tariff classification and payment of custom duties. 

  • Transactions for export taxes of merchandise for all the customs in the country. 

  • Registration and certification of import and export companies. - Up to date information on new national and international legislative and executive laws. - We check all merchandise once received.

  • Djai.

  • Electrical Security Certificate.

  • DJAI

  • In the case of importers that are located in the interior of Argentina SOFACE S.A. offers the service of custom transit. This service permits the importers to nationalize their cargos in the custom offices of their localities. The custom transits additionally have a policy of caution that guarantees the custom office, the payment of taxes, which are then cancelled in the custom offices of the interior.


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