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Soface S.A.:

Founded in 1992, SOFACE S.A. was created with the idea of developing quality business relationships between Argentinean companies, interested in international trade, and their counterparts abroad. In order to help grow these relationships, we have dedicated ourselves to building a highly skilled team of employees with many years of experience. 

Our objective:

Here at SOFACE S.A., our objective is to guarantee the success of your company's operations by giving SPEED, SECURITY, PUNCTUALITY, and CREDIBILITY to your business transactions. 


Our mission:

Is to achieve a level of excellence in international commerce by creating different strategic alliances so

that our clients can concentrate on what they do best, while we handle the tedious transactions and contracts necessary to export their products around the world. 

Our team:

Is constantly adapting itself to the necessities of each company, offering the maximum service by providing all the commercial advantages we possess.

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